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This area was raised by a ranger at Brierley a few years ago. It is South of Brierley and the main Sutton-Huthwaite Road. It would eventually enable the joining of the 2 areas..... if required with a small amount of urban area similar to Shireoaks. Area visited by KS 2010 in Winter just after being landscaped and it was bleak and relatively featureless but appeared to have some potential. Since then it has matured with the normal (albeit sparse) collection of hard paths and dense shelter belt planting. The vast majority is Rough Open with some slopes along the S & W sides and some very large man made point features however there is now a large central area that is fenced off as O.O.B where presumably Methane is being extracted. This could have been landfill in the past as opposed to NCB Spoil - no idea how long this extraction will last but it looks to be a big operation. Also some of the central area is planted with some sort of crop (possibly unripe weedy maize) It holds some potential but probably one for the back boiler unless we want to get a foot in the door?

This area was used for events in the past.

It is private land, and like all private areas used for orienteering there is NO ACCESS ALLOWED at any time.

Events staged:

No events since 1995

A reminder: Access to any private land is by permission only. Organised events can only be held with permission even on public land. Possession of an orienteering map DOES NOT give permission to enter private land. Public land and public footpaths may be used at any time for individual access. Access to some areas will embargoed from the time an event is announced - even public areas.