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Mature undulating woodland with extensive path network. Significant undergrowth in places.

This area was used for events in the past.

It is private land, and like all private areas used for orienteering there is NO ACCESS ALLOWED at any time.

Permanent Orienteering Course:
One mile north of Ollerton, parking on Brake Lane. OS sheet 120 SK669692. Maps available for download from the Forestry Commission and British Orienteering website. Produced by NOC in partnership with Ollerton Town Council, the Forestry Commission, the Dukeries Academy and Friends of Boughton Brake.

Events staged:

Wed 23rd Apr 2014
NOC Bassetlaw Event
Boughton Brake

A reminder: Access to any private land is by permission only. Organised events can only be held with permission even on public land. Possession of an orienteering map DOES NOT give permission to enter private land. Public land and public footpaths may be used at any time for individual access. Access to some areas will embargoed from the time an event is announced - even public areas.