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21 Dec 08Walesby Forest
17 Jan 09Shirebrook Wood
1 Feb 09Clumber Park
1 Mar 09Annesley - Park Forest and Morning Springs
29 Mar 09Sherwood Pines
31 May 09Rushcliffe Country Park
7 Jun 09Silverhill Wood
21 Jun 09Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
5 Jul 09Shirebrook Wood
19 Jul 09Brierley Country Park

Results for British Elite Sprints Heats, Nottingham University, 09/05/2009

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Class Results

MenA MenB MenC MenD MenE
WomA WomB WomC WomD

Course splits
Course JH JunH
Course MA MenA
Course MB MenB
Course MC MenC
Course MD MenD
Course WA WomA
Course WB WomB
Course WC WomC

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