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Results for NOC RHT and EM Championships, Blidworth & Samson Woods, 07/02/2010

Comments: Organiser, Planner, Controller
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I was a bit nervous about an event of this size on only my third go at organising, but thanks to the great support network of the NOC helper teams and having Ian as a very experienced Controller, the job was made a lot easier. Attending the Organiser's Course run by Chris Phillips (LEI) back in November was also a great help. I also think that Paul did a great job in planning an event of this size for the first time. As you can see from Ian's comments, Paul dedicated a considerable amount of time to making the courses as enjoyable as possible.

Entry numbers took a while to build up and I don't that that the awful weather we had back in January helped at all. However, I was pleased with the final total of 475, which compared well with similar sized Regional Events that have taken place recently.

I was very glad to have both Ultrasport and Compass Point on site and good catering provided by the Butcher's Grill. I hope that you managed to take advantage of having them there.

I apologise for not having appropriate signage for those who approached the site from the west. I guess it was just a warm up for your navigation skills! I also hope that all of the confused 'Car Booters' managed to find their correct field in the end.

Thanks to all of those who stayed on for the presentation of the trophies and to those that came up to me, or have e-mailed since, to say that you had an enjoyable day out. Weather wasn't perfect, but then what do you expect for February in the East Midlands!

Neil Fraser


The brambles were a lot worse when I was in the woods planning the courses last summer! The snow made the going much easier in many areas and opened up some direct route choices that I feared might be too daunting. I might have taken runners further off the paths, particularly in Sansom Woods, had I known that this would happen.

I would like to extend my thanks to Ian and Monika for their support and constructive suggestions and I would also like to thank the Horsewill family and Jim Clarke for their help over the weekend with the controls.

Paul Morris


Thanks for coming. We hope you enjoyed Blidworth despite its obvious restrictions and the introduction of an OOB area in Sansom. Although Blidworth didn't get as much snow as my Sheffield home, you probably saw it at it's 'best' because of the snow. The brambles in December were not nice. The foresters helped in cutting many open areas so 'rough open with scattered trees' became 'rough open'. Combined with the today's lower (honest!!) undergrowth, that improved control site visibility in the forest.

Thanks to planner Paul Morris for his considerable efforts during the last 7 months. It was his first big event and he should be pleased with the outcome. Thanks to the rest of the efficient NOC team.

Many I spoke to enjoyed their run in reasonable weather. We were particularly pleased about 'Orange' , where the challenges were a little tougher in some respects.

I hold my hands up as missed a few things in checking the courses and can only apologise:- a) on longer courses the control line to 166 was over a clearing where control 165 was placed. We should have cut the line. b) on 'Short Green' the control line between 5 and 6 obscured a path.

Thanks also to Monika who helped in checking controls before the event. See you in the forest,

Ian Cooper (SYO) assisted by Monika Cooper (SYO)

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