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7 Nov 10Bestwood Country Park
21 Nov 10Haywood Oaks
8 Jan 11Silverhill Wood
9 Jan 11Silverhill Wood
6 Feb 11Rufford Country Park
5 Mar 11Colwick Woods
2 Apr 11The University of Nottingham and Highfields Park
8 May 11Harlow Wood
5 Jun 11Nottingham City
12 Jun 11The Forest and Arboretum
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Splits for course LO

Results for Class M21N
Length 6.3km, 50m climb, 11 controls (course LO)

n/c  Daniel Ramm              IND     80:18  12.7
mp   Alison Cromack (W40)     EPOC    73:42      
     Charmian Heaton (W50)    IND     rtd        

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