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19 Jul 09Brierley Country Park
26 Jul 09Wollaton Park
16 Aug 09Holme Pierrepont
19 Sep 09Burntstump Country Park
4 Oct 09Harlow Wood
20 Dec 09Walesby Forest
16 Jan 10Rufford Country Park
17 Jan 10Rufford Country Park
20 Feb 10Silverhill Wood
7 Mar 10Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood

Results for NOC District Event, Byron's Walk, 01/11/2009

String Course Results

Name               Age  Club   Time
Tom Webster        M12   NOC   2.55
Julie Webster      W45   NOC   3.01
Jamie Lowthian     M7    NOC   3.03
Charlotte Webster  W10   NOC   3.27
Louise Sandall     W50   NOC   4.29
Ben Hardy          M5    NOC   5.43
Finlay Lowthian    M3    NOC   9.45
Kieran Dutt        M3    IND  15.32

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