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Results for NOC District Event, Thieves Wood, 07/03/2010

Comments: Organiser, Planner.
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I hope everyone enjoyed Thieves Wood in perfect weather, and with little undergrowth -- one positive effect of all the previous bad weather. The helper-teams did their usual proficient job, and we all owe them our thanks. Especial thanks of course to the Controller and Planner, whose courses were praised by a large number of finishers, and criticised by none.

Alan Beardsley


This was my third attempt at planning and I think  most people had a good run.

I think that 'Thieves' has  benifited from a reduced level of brambles since 2008 and I hoped to get people running off the tracks which I think is important in the Nottingham forests. 

Although planning takes some time it is always rewarding and the feedback at the finish was generally positive, people seemed to have had a good time.

The weather was wonderful, although at 06:30hrs and  -5  when we started, putting controls out a was bit cold without gloves!  As always without helpers and a good controller planning can be tricky. My helpers who both checked my controls tags and helped put controls out on the day were Liz Davies (an interloper from Aire) and David Winser, my thanks to them. 

Peter Carter

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