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1 Aug 10Rushcliffe Country Park
11 Sep 10Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
26 Sep 10Burntstump Country Park
16 Oct 10Holme Pierrepont
6 Nov 10Bestwood Country Park
21 Nov 10Haywood Oaks
8 Jan 11Silverhill Wood
9 Jan 11Silverhill Wood
6 Feb 11Rufford Country Park
13 Feb 11Sherwood Pines

Results for NOC District Event, Bestwood Country Park, 07/11/2010

Comments: Planner.
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Parachuted in at relatively short notice, the planning was largely an armchair exercise avoiding legs previously used where possible. Believe it or not the brambles improved considerably over the 8 weeks prior to the event and I tried to avoid the worst of them and make sure most courses visited some of the nicer areas. I also resisted adding 'another lap' to the longer courses for the sake of distance ensuring runners didn't get too dizzy! Thank you for the positive comments from several finishers

Apologies to those competitors affected by the man defending the interests of rhododendrons by control 74 - the risk assessment didn't cover that issue!!

I must thank various people. Most importantly Dave Cooke for his attention to detail and ensuring the controls and courses were spot on - including making sure I got the correct kite on the correct control!!. Mick Lucking for mentoring us both and helping place controls on the day. And Ben Beresford, Jordan Webster and Richard Robinson for helping with the donkey work of collecting controls in.

Simon Elliott

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