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11 Sep 11Bestwood Country Park
1 Oct 11Brierley Country Park
23 Oct 11Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
13 Nov 11Byron's Walk
17 Dec 11Walesby Forest
8 Jan 12Bevercotes Pit Wood
22 Jan 12Blidworth Woods
4 Feb 12Trent University - Clifton Campus
11 Feb 12Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
12 Feb 12Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood

String Course, Walesby, 18/12/2011

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Ben Mather M8         LOG  3:30
Isabella Robinson W1  NOC  (dnf)
Charlotte Webster W12 NOC  3:20
Tom Webster M14       NOC  2:55
Hannah Horsewill W16  NOC  3:00
Ben Mather M8         LOG  3:04
Ben Mather M8         LOG  3:02
Mark Hudson M13       NOC  3:00
George Carly M10      NOC  2:35
George Carly M10      NOC  2:56
Alice Carly W7        IND  5:03
Orla Lynch W1         SYO 18:00
Finlay Lowthian M5    NOC  5:39
Jamie Lowthian M10    NOC  2:40
Alexa Lindsay W5      DVO  8:44
George Selby M1       DVO 10:33
Elisa Wayles W8       NOC  3:22
Toby Williams M6      LOG  3:58
Hazel Williams W8     LOG  2:54
Toby Williams M6      LOG  2:45
Elisa Wayles W8       NOC  2:50