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Results for NOC Nopesport City League, Nottingham City, 05/06/2011

Comments: Controller
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Firstly, thanks and congratulations to Richard for his courses today. I thought they were very well planned, with lots of leg length variation, route choice and getting you into different parts of Nottingham. I hope you all enjoyed the courses and appreciated the fine weather laid on for you!

We had considerable problems with access to some controls in the last week, losing them and then getting some back - thanks to Mick Lucking for his tolerance as he only got the final map files on Thursday morning. It's always useful to have an in-house printer!

This morning we also had problems with some gates not being opened on time, others which we thought would be closed being open and it taking longer to fix gripples that we thought. I hope people understand why the starts were delayed slightly and sympathise with the high stress levels it created for both of us.

Some people commented that their course, perhaps particularly Course D, was rather too long, whilst others felt that being long was a bonus after some shortish courses recently. We did tend to plan at the top end of the guidelines so as to give as much variety as possible and hope people appreciated that.

I was disappointed that a number of people had to self disqualify whilst others, who obviously went out of bounds, did not do so. We made the second half of the tunnel from Control 52 out of bounds as it led to people running off the map and we had stretched the map as far as we could. On most courses there were still many route choices out of control 52, whether up the steps or back out of the tunnel and around the roads. We also asked people not to cross the olive green in the castle so as to maintain good relations with the staff there who were very keen to see us making use of the grounds. It is very disappointing that at least one competitor when challenged about running on the grass responded "So what?" Well, the consequence could be loss of the area for future events but, just as importantly, it is cheating. Whilst I believe some people do make inadvertent mistakes in the course of an event, realise it subsequently and take the appropriate action, outright, conscious cheating cannot be condoned as is unfair on those who, whilst seeing a direct route as perhaps better, recognised that we were working within constraints.

I must also thank Bob Alderson for his work in getting permissions - not the easiest of jobs for multiple landowners in the countryside but an absolute nightmare in city centres. Thanks also to David Olivant for the update and extension to the map, some of the changes very much at the last minute.

Finally, my thanks to Eva Wheeler and her band of willing helpers for putting on such a highly successful event. It was very cold first thing but the day improved and turned quite warm - the water at the finish was very welcome to many.

On a final, final note, I really must find older, and hopefully slower, planners to work with in the future as the last three events I've controlled have involved an M16 (for SYO) and two M21Elites (LOG and NOC)and, as a last year M55, it can be hard work! But I enjoyed working with Richard and his colleagues and appreciated the many very positive comments and constructive feedback from competitors which always helps us improve in the future. I hope they will invite me again ...

Ranald Macdonald DVO

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