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6 Feb 11Rufford Country Park
13 Feb 11Sherwood Pines
5 Mar 11Colwick Woods
2 Apr 11The University of Nottingham and Highfields Park
8 May 11Harlow Wood
12 Jun 11The Forest and Arboretum
26 Jun 11Rushcliffe Country Park
10 Jul 11Berry Hill Park
24 Jul 11Bulwell Hall Park
7 Aug 11Wollaton Park

NOC Nopesport City League

Nottingham City

5th June 2011

Results for Club WRE

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M55+  18   Rod Postlethwaite         57:01
      41   Martin Gibbons            83:53
Open  34   Thomas Lewis             101:54
WOpen  9   Katie Spencer             98:47

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