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8 Mar 14Boundary and Tippings Woods
23 Apr 14Boughton Brake
17 May 14Langold Country Park
18 May 14Newark
1 Jun 14Oxclose Wood
6 Jul 14Rushcliffe Country Park
20 Jul 14Burntstump Country Park
14 Sep 14Brierley Country Park
12 Oct 14Byron's Walk
8 Nov 14Colwick Park

NOC EM Urban League
Nottingham University
Saturday 21st June 2014

Race 2

Race 1, Combined

15.40 Saturday results uploaded

Photos courtesy of Amanda, Brian and Charlotte Ward (HALO): photos
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RouteGadget in due course, hopefully
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Class Results
M16 W16
M40 W40
M55 W55
M65 W65

Course splits
Course 1 MO M40
Course 2 WO W40 M55
Course 3 W55 W65 M65 M16 W16

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